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Minsup 1.2L Turtle Oil Bottle Lubricator
  • Minsup 1.2L Turtle Oil Bottle Lubricator

Minsup 1.2L Turtle Oil Bottle Lubricator


The Minsup Turtle Oil Bottle Lubricator was developed to ensure continuous and adequate lubrication of rock drills over the length of a normal shift.


For correct lubrication the oil bottle should not be placed in excess of three meters from the machine ensuring that the oil reaches the machine in mist form.



  • 1.2 Litres capacity calculated for 1 x 8 hour shift when set correctly
  • 1mm diameter jet designed for use with rock drill lubricating oi
  • 1-1/4" filler plug with built in pressure release behind the sealing O-ring to allow pressure to escape in a controlled manner in the case of unintentional opening while under pressure
  • Carbon Steel Coated body
  • Cast Steel Venturi
  • Brass Fixed Jet
  • Nitrile O-Rings
  • Copper Bundle Tubes



Specification Sheet


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